Are there still ways to make money on the internet in 2018?

To put it bluntly, Hell yeah!!! The internet is still a goldmine to those who know how to mine it and one of the best ways to make money online is affiliate marketing.

If you’ve given it a try you probably didn’t do so well at first. So many out there bragging about making 100’s to 1,000’s and even 100,000’s a day but if your like me, the reality is a bit less.

I admit I struggled. I didn’t have much capital to buy ad’s and SEO seemed an impossibly slow route to ever rank high enough to get seen much less get anyone to my offers.

Looking back, I made most of the same mistakes that we all make starting out in the biz, But you can learn a lot from other peoples failures and I’ve outlined some of mine here.

Shooting in the dark
One of, if not the most important part of being successful in marketing is keeping track of everything. I would get excited thinking I was onto an undiscovered niche just waiting to be exploited. Quickly put up a site or sometimes just make endless amounts of free blog post’s all leading to my affiliate links and sit back and watch the money roll in…. but it never came.:(   And the worst part was I had no idea why.

Making a sale is a multi part symphony of techniques, I was focusing on the beginning and wasn’t following through to the end. I was happy to get a one night stand and wasn’t aware of the courtship needed to get to the proverbial “Home run.” lol

Analytics are the EKG’s of your heartbeat and needed to keep you alive. You have to know when you got them and where you lost ’em. With that information you will be able to fine tune your sales funnel and get better conversions.